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Renewable Energy Research & Development

African-Union Petroleum & Energy Corp. is well on its way to be the owner/operator of “African-Union Biotech Park.” a renewable Energy Research & Development plant in the Caribbean. An existing sugar-cane Plantation in the Dominican Republic will be re-tooled and finished into a Modern ethanol refinery plant. AUPEC will produce ethanol, Algae based biofuels and alternative renewable sources of energy… as a result 200 renewable Energy positions will be available, 75 in the City of Miami, 125 throughout Miami Dade and Broward Counties. Finally, 100,000 jobs will be created across all economic sectors of the Americas and the Caribbean. AUPEC, our North American jewel is Registered and headquartered in South Florida within the municipal boundaries of the only Arabian city in the western hemisphere, Opa Locka FL.